Science for All Americans has little to say about what ails the educational system, points no finger of blame, prescribes no specific remedies. Rather, it attempts to contribute substantially to educational reform by serving as a starting point for two sets of critical, reform-oriented actions.

One set is based on use of the report as the first step in a multistage, long-term developmental process. Science for All Americans should be used as the conceptual basis for recommendations for change in all parts of the educational system. The other set of actions is based on the fact that the report provides a new and unusually substantive opportunity for everyone who has a stake in educational reform to reappraise the progress made so far, redirect their efforts as needed, and recommit themselves to fundamental reform goals.

This final chapter of Science for All Americans starts with a brief outline of the next steps toward reform being taken by Project 2061. It then explores some of the ways in which the report can be put to work by educators, policymakers, and the interested public.