The SE>encore library makes no attempt to be comprehensive with regard to science education. It limits itself to a few categories that interest me that may also be of interest to you. Included are these:


I will post here my rendition of the birth of Science for All Americans. In time I hope to include similar essays on the origins of Benchmarks for Science Literacy and Designs for Science Literacy. I will also include an example or two of Congressional testimony I gave as assistant director of the National Science Foundation, with descriptions of the many steps and players involved in its formulation, and of what Congress did with it.

Story Lines

As a way of bringing the nature of some of the books I have been engaged in creating with others, I summarize them in their own words. The books are:

  • The Project Physics Text (Prologues and epilogues of each of the six units)
  • Science for all Americans (Introductions to each of its content chapters)
  • Designs for Science Literacy (Introductions to each of its three parts)
  • Blueprints for Reform (Introduction to each of its three parts)


One of the most popular products of the Project Physics Course, out-of-print but now available here and on Internet Archive, was its seven books of readings. The Readers included a diverse collection of some of the best articles and book passages available bearing on physics as a science and as an influence on both history and modern culture. Most of the items included are as pertinent as ever and worth perusing.


References to books on science education that I take to be of lasting value. What is missing from the list?