As director of Project 2061 I would write a one-page essay for each of our newsletters, Project 2061 Today. They are assembled here. In a way they reflect what was going on during those years in the world of science education reform.

1991-Fall Breaking the Mold
1991-Spring What’s In a Name
1991-Summer Speaking of Standards
1992-November School or Society
1992-September Jargon on My Mind
1992-Spring On Being Inclusive
1992-Winter Standards Can Bite
1993-March Hands On
1993-October Long Term in the Short Run
1994-Fall False Versus
1994-May Benchmarks on Broadway
1995-Fall A Decade
1995-Spring Hyphen-Based Reform
1996-Fall Keeping Score
1996-Spring Wait Time
1997-Fall Sputnik at Forty
1997-Spring Tools of Our Trade